If any of the items purchased is not to your entire liking, you have a period of 15 days, from the day you receive the order, to proceed to the return without the need to indicate the reason, according to article 10(1) of DL No. 24/2014, of 14/02.

However, for hygiene reasons we will not be able to accept returns or issue refunds for items used, damaged or whose packaging has been opened or damaged or whose inviolability seals have been broken. Whatever the reason, all items to be returned must be properly presented in the original packaging.

If, in any case, you indicate a wrong zip code and your order is sent to another location or address, redirecting the order will cost €6.99.

It is up to the consumer to bear the cost of returning the item(s). You must send it by registered mail to the address indicated when the return process is opened. The adjustment to the customer of amounts due in the case of returns, cancellations, and exchanges is preferably by bank transfer.

The resubmission of orders paid in advance that are returned for reasons not attributable to our website, implies the payment of 6,99€ postage through ATM reference to be sent to the recipient’s email.

On the other hand, in the case of the contract, the amount of transportation expense set here at 6.99€ will be deducted from the amount to be returned, as it corresponds to a service that was provided to the customer by third parties and actually paid by our company.

Prices established, other than misspelling, of publication or stock breakage are covered by the VAT exemption scheme of Article 53 of the CIVA

Promotional prices, unless expressly stated otherwise, misspelling, publication, or stock breakage are valid only for this store and for the time they are advertised.

The packaging arrived handled or with a blow

On some occasions, with our regret, a package is damaged during transport and affects the items you have inside. If you have found damaged packaging or with signs of handling and the products are affected, Abusedlovers.com we will be busy finding a solution immediately.

Please manage a return indicating the reason "The product or order has arrived damaged/handled" and we will take care of everything.

Choose the affected products by selecting the order for this incident and click "Return". Among the possible reasons for its return, choose "The product or order arrived damaged/manipulated and complete the rest of the information.

Keep in case that a cardboard box may have been hit without the products being affected. The reason for the packaging is precisely to protect the products, so it is advisable to open the box carefully and check that the contents are intact. If there is no physical damage, there is no reason to declare an incidence of transportation.

Normally, we won't ask you for photos of the state in which you received the package, but you can take them out because they may, at some point, be useful. On the other hand, if there is no physical damage, but some product does not work properly, what proceeds is the warranty so please return with the reason "The product does not work".

Do I have to store the original packaging?

In the case of items of intimate hygiene, it is essential to send the item in its original packaging so clearly identify in the conditions of your web or in your physical trade the need to store the original packaging to trigger the warranty.

Store the product in its original packaging and in turn in another box. So it will be protected in transport. It is also necessary to include all accessories. 

How long does it take to trigger the warranty?

Generally, the deadline to trigger the warranty is 1 to 5 business days, however, we always do our best to speed up the process.

What is the deadline to trigger a product warranty?

The warranty of the products is 2 years for new items and 6 monthsfor items on sale or purchased in outlet, although it depends on the policy of each manufacturer.

The warranty starts counting from the date of the invoice. In LoveWithSugar.com we have a non-detectable warranty seal with a code assigned to the product that allows you to identify the date of shipment, which must match the information provided by you.

Can I make an exchange?

No, any product received either by return or warranty is made a refund.

Are there items you can’t return?

Yes, there are some products that cannot be returned. Products that do not retain their original packaging and have been opened or do not retain their original seal. The products of the lingerie family have no return, we strictly observe the safety and hygiene standards.

Damaged or incomplete products will not be returned.

Products not purchased in lovewithsugar.com, for this all our products incorporate safety mechanisms that allow us to identify if the product was purchased in lovewithsugar.com.

How long does it take to get the money back?

Upon arrival of the packaging at our facilities, the deadline to receive a response is 1 to 5 business days.

What are the reasons for a return?

-If the product is defective.

-If the product received is damaged due to transportation.