Standards-compliant Privacy Policy (GDPR)

Personal Data Processing Policy

The company “” (hereinafter the Seller or Owner), based in Portugal (“Cat.B-Rend. Business”), under the VAT exemption regime Artº 53 – operator of the online store declares that all personal data (hereinafter also referred to as “data”) are considered strictly confidential and are processed in accordance with the legislation on the protection of personal data in force.

The security of your data is one of our priorities. That’s why we pay all the necessary attention to data and its protection. In this Personal Data Processing Policy (“Policy”), we would like to inform you about the types of data we collect and how we use it. 

1. Personal data and its processing

1.1. Category of personal data

We collect different data depending on the services you use.

If you shop in our store, we collect:

• Name and contact details. First(s) and surname(s), email address, postal address, billing address, telephone number, bank details (if payment is made by bank transfer)

• Demographic data. Gender, date of birth, country and preferred language. Some of this data is optional ly

• Data collected based on the purchase made – the products purchased, customer segment.

• Login date. Login names and passwords. We don’t have access to the real password. In case you receive our marketing messages, we collect:

• Name and contact details – e-mail address and own name(s).

• Demographic data – country, gender.

In addition, we process the following data:

• Communication data between the and the Customer

• Records of the behavior on the website administered by the company 

  • 1.2. Purposes of Processing Personal Data:

• Provision of services and their improvement. Customer data is processed to provide and improve the services offered and thus make our customers more satisfied. These specifically include:

• Order processing of products or services, ordered through our website, mobile application or customer support lines. In these cases, the legal cause is the need to comply with the Purchase Agreement, as for the selected data, to comply with legal obligations (e.g. accounting documents).

• Information on product availability. In the event that you request information about the availability of a specific product, we will process your data based on your consent.

• Customer Support. To ensure Customer Support and eliminate potential problems in complying with the Article Purchase Agreement, we process your data based on the required fulfillment of these agreements.

• Communication. We use the data collected for the purpose of communicating with you and making an individual adaptation of the communication.

• For example, we may contact you by phone, email, via application or by other means to remind you that you have products in your online shopping basket, help finalize your order, communicate the current status of your order, order or complaint, or to obtain more information about it from you and also to let you know that an action is required to maintain the status of your active account. We process this data for legitimate interests, which consist of the legitimate interest of the, as described above.

• Improvement of services. The data is used for a continuous improvement of our services and systems, including the addition of new functions, and also for the purpose of making informed decisions using summary analysis and business intelligence, all based on our legitimate interest, developed on the basis of freedom of business and consisted of the need to improve the services provided to succeed in competition. To make improvements, we use personal data anonymously to ensure the protection of your rights and interests.

• Protection, security and dispute resolution. We may also process the data due to legitimate interests, which consist of ensuring the protection and security of our systems and those of our customers, to detect and prevent fraud, resolve disputes and enforce our agreements based on our legitimate interest.

• Commercial offers.

• Newsletter by e-mail (commercial communication) , is only sent to our customers with their consent. (when you enable the option to be notified of our news.

  • We send you commercial communications regarding new or featured products in our store.
  • You can always refuse such commercial communications by connecting to disable the sending of the newsletter, available in each email. To opt out of sending the newsletter, you can also contact our Customer Support directly or the agent responsible for the protection of personal data.

• In the event of disabling newsletter submission, we will no longer use your electronic contacts for these purposes. Let’s start using it again, in case you subscribe to the newsletter again or ask for it specifically.

• The commercial offers presented can be selected based on other information we have collected about you over time according to contact data, demographic data, favorite items and data on the use of our products and websites (cookies, IP address, data provided by your browser, click data, commercial communications presented, products viewed). We do not perform a completely automated processing that has legal effects for you.

• We process this data due to legitimate interests, which consist of conventional legitimate marketing.

• In case you are not our customer, we process based on your consent.

• At any time, you have the right to owe such processing free of charge. The contact details are referred to at the end of this document.

• Processing of cookies on web pages controlled by

• In the case of accepting cookies in your web browser, we process the behavior logs from cookies placed on the website to ensure the better functioning of the website and for the purposes of internet advertising. More information is available in the attached chapter of this document.

1.3. Transfer of personal data to third parties

  • Your data will be transferred to third parties or transmitted in a different way, only if necessary in connection with the performance of the Contract of a purchase, based on legitimate interests, or in the case of your prior consent to the transfer.

• a) to affiliated companies and processors, based on compliance with the Purchase Agreement for the performance of internal processes and procedures

• b) companies that issue credit cards, payment service providers, for payment processing purposes, and banks, based on their order and fulfillment of the purchase.

• c) carriers, for the purpose of delivering products or services ordered by you, and resolving claims, including termination of the Contract

• d) to our partners in loyalty programmes, in which you will participate in

• e) other service providers, third parties, involved in data processing;

• (f) third parties, for example, lawyers or courts for the purposes of execution or the conclusion of any contract with you;

• g) to public authorities (e.g. police)

• h) to third parties conducting research among customers

If the third party uses the data in the context of its legitimate interest, the administrator shall not be responsible for such processing. These processings comply with the Personal Data Processing Policy of companies and their persons. 

  • 2. Customer account and purchase without registration

• a) In the context of account creation, we will create for you a customer account, which will be protected by a password. Within the scope of the customer account, you get direct access to your data, including its edition, so you can consult the data, both on finished and unfinished orders, and edit the newsletter submission. Through the customer account, you can also manage your personal data and send the newsletter. You can also through your customer area and if you want at any time ask to remove all your data you have in to date.

a.1) When removing the data, you will be left without the history of orders placed as well as any point gained in the purchase of products when in force some campaign to acquire points for exchange in products.

• b) If you do not want to create a customer account for shopping, you can shop in our online store without registration, as non-adherent.

• c) You have the right to terminate your account and terminate it as soon as you wish.

  • 3. Security of personal data and storage period
  • 3.1. Security of personal data

• a) Your personal data is transmitted to us in encrypted form. We use the SSL (secure socket layer) certificate. We protect our website and other systems through technical and organizational measures against the loss and destruction of your data, access to your data by unauthorized persons and alteration or disclosure of the data.

• b) We require our processors to prove their systems comply with GDPR regulation.

• c) Access to your customer account is only possible after entering your password. In this context, we would like to inform you that you should not communicate your access data to third parties, and after the end of your activity in the client account, you should always close the browser, especially if you use a computer with other users. The assumes no responsibility for the abuse of used pass-by so unless was directly responsible for this situation.

3.2.  Time of Processing

  • We process and store personal data for as long as is necessary to secure all rights and obligations resulting from the Purchase Agreement, i.e. throughout the duration of the order and warranty

• for the duration of the Contract.

• 1 year after the end of the warranty in order to resolve potential disputes

• for as long as, as an administrator, is obliged to store them in accordance with the generally applicable legislation. Accounting data, for example, invoices issued by company, are archived in accordance with the law for a period of 10 years after issue.

Consent to the sending of information on product availability(s) remains in force until the information is sent, but shall not exceed the period of 1 year or until the cancellation of the consent.

• Consent to the submission of commercial offers is valid for 4 years or until the cancellation of the consent

In other cases, the processing period results from the purpose of the processing, or is defined by the legislation on the protection of personal data.

  • 4. Rights of data subjects

• a) In the case of processing your personal data, you may request free information about its processing at any time.

• b) In the event that you believe that we do not process the data in accordance with the protection of personal data and legal conditions of the protection of personal data, you may request an explanation, require the removal of the resulting state, mainly, you can request a correction, complementation, deletion of personal data or its blocking.

• c) In addition, at any time, you have the right to contact the agent responsible for the protection of personal data or the National Data Protection Commission at any request.

• d) At any time, you may revoke your consent to the processing of personal data. In the event of revoking consent to the processing of personal data, it will be deleted or made anonymous. However, this does not apply to the data needs to comply with its legal obligations (e.g. placing orders already placed) or to protect its legitimate interests. The deletion of personal data will also occur if the data is not necessary for the given purpose, or its storage is inadmissible by other causes established by law.

5. Web Pages

5.1. Cookies

Our website uses “cookies” so that our offer to you is relevant, interesting and enjoyable from the user’s point of view. “Cookies” are small text files that are stored on your computer, smartphone or other device, and that are used in your browser. You can find out more about cookies here. We use cookies, for example, to:

• the correct functionality of the shopping basket to complete your order in the simplest way possible

• memorize your login data so you don’t have to insert it multiple times

• the best possible adaptation of our site to your requirements, thanks to the monitoring of queries, your actions on the site and the functions used

• receive information about the advertising seen so as not to show you advertising of products that do not interest you

Some cookies may collect information that is then used by third parties and that, for example, directly supports our advertising activities (so-called “third-party cookies”). For example, information about the products purchased on our site may be presented by an advertising agency in connection with the viewing and adaptation of banners on the websites that the Customer displays. However, you cannot identify it based on this data. 

5.2. The use of cookies

The cookies used on our website can be classified into two basic types. Session cookies are deleted as soon as you leave our site. Persistent cookies are stored on your device for much longer or until you delete them manually (the time during which cookies remain on your device depends on the cookie setting and your browser settings).

Privacy Policy for “LoveWithSugar” Real Cookie Banner :

To manage the cookies and similar technologies used (tracking pixels, web beacons, etc.) and related consents, we use the consent tool “Real Cookie Banner”. Details on how “Real Cookie Banner” works can be found at

A cookie can also be classified based on its functionality:

• analytical, which helps us improve the functionality of our website, to understand how it is used by users

• conversion, which allows us to analyze the performance of various sales channels

• tracking, which, together with conversion cookies, helps you analyze the performance of multiple sales channels

• remarketing, which we use to personalize advertising content and set your correct target

• essential, which is important for a basic functionality of the site

5.3. Refusal to use cookies

Setting the use of cookies is part of your Internet browser. Most browsers automatically accept cookies in the default settings. Through your browser, you can refuse cookies or limit them to the types you select.

Information about browsers and how to configure cookie preferences are available on the following web pages or other internet browser documentation

• Chrome

• Firefox

• Internet Explorer

• Android

An effective tool for administering cookies is also available on the

5.4. Links

Our website contains links to other sites that are practical and contain information. Please be warned that these sites may be owned and controlled by other companies and organizations that may have different policies for the security and protection of personal data. Our company has no control and assumes no responsibility for any information, material, products or services contained in or available through these websites. 

6. Contact us

If you have any questions, comments and requests regarding this Policy, please contact us at our address or the Customer Service line referred to in the footer of this Policy.

Data protection officer: [email protected]

Contact: Love With Sugar, Portugal

 Customer Support: +351 933 070 639 or [email protected] 

7. Effectiveness

This Personal Data Protection Policy is effective as of 1 May 2018.

Privacy Policy for “LoveWithSugar” Social Login :

We collect your public profile data only from your consent that you grant before initiating Social Login, from the social network used to login at our website. This data includes your first name, last name, email address, link to your social media profile, unique identifier, link to social profile avatar or the social profile avatar itself in the case of Facebook and Linkedin login. This data is used to create your user profile at our website. You can revoke this consent at any time from your profile page at our website or by sending us an email.

Privacy Policy for “LoveWithSugar” Facebook Application:

🌐 Data Collection and Usage: When you log in to “LoveWithSugar” through Facebook, we collect limited information for analytics purposes. This includes basic user details such as your name, profile picture, and email address. Rest assured, we respect your privacy and use this information solely for enhancing your experience on our platform.

🛡️ Data Security: Your data’s security is our top priority. We employ industry-standard security measures to safeguard the information collected during the login process. This ensures that your personal details are protected from unauthorized access and misuse.

📊 Analytics: We use the collected data to analyze user trends and behaviors, helping us improve our services. This includes understanding how users navigate through the app and interact with its features. All analytics are anonymized and aggregated to maintain your privacy.

🚫 Third-Party Sharing: We do not share your personal information with third parties without your explicit consent. Your data is used exclusively for the purposes outlined in this privacy policy.

🔒 Data Retention: We retain your login-related data for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes mentioned in this policy or as required by law. If you decide to disconnect “LoveWithSugar” from your Facebook account, your associated data will be promptly deleted.

🚨 Policy Updates: We may update this privacy policy periodically to align with any changes in our data practices. You will be notified of any significant changes, and your continued use of the app will imply your acceptance of the updated terms.

🤝 Consent: By logging in to “LoveWithSugar” via Facebook, you consent to the collection, processing, and usage of your information as outlined in this privacy policy.

📧 Contact Us: If you have any questions or concerns about your privacy or this policy, please contact us at [email protected].


EU user consent policy

If your agreement with Google incorporates this policy, or you otherwise use a Google product that incorporates this policy, you must ensure that certain disclosures are given to, and consents obtained from, end users in the European Economic Area along with the UK. If you fail to comply with this policy, we may limit or suspend your use of the Google product and/or terminate your agreement.

Properties under your control

For Google products used on any site, app or other property that is under your control, or that of your affiliate or your client, the following duties apply for end users in the European Economic Area along with the UK.

You must obtain end users’ legally valid consent to:

  • the use of cookies or other local storage where legally required; and
  • the collection, sharing, and use of personal data for personalization of ads.

When seeking consent you must:

  • retain records of consent given by end users; and
  • provide end users with clear instructions for revocation of consent.

You must clearly identify each party that may collect, receive, or use end users’ personal data as a consequence of your use of a Google product. You must also provide end users with prominent and easily accessible information about that party’s use of end users’ personal data.

Properties under a third party’s control

If personal data of end users of a third party property is shared with Google due to your use of, or integration with, a Google product, then you must use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure the operator of the third party property complies with the above duties. A third party property is a site, app or other property that is not under your, your affiliate’s or your client’s control and whose operator is not already using a Google product that incorporates this policy.

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